Chris Westbay of Ohio asked me some really great questions, They are as follows:

What is your philosophy on how the president should work with congress in pursuing legislation?

What is your philosophy regarding the presidents use of executive orders? How do you see the relationship between the Federal Government and the individual states?

To address the first question, I believe that the President should work with the Congress when it comes to legislation.  As he was appointed to lead the nation, his leadership should be seen in a working relationship with the Congressional bodies of the Senate and House. One of the things the President should also do, is ensure that any concerns are addressed with the Legislative Branch of the direction the country is going.  That way they can make their bills in a proper fashion.

The President should also remind the Congress when Legislation comes to his desk, that it must be in line with the Constitution, and not for their gain.  If it is not Constitutional, it should be vetoed, and it is the sworn duty of the President to do so.

He should encourage the passing of budgets, and be communicating the interests of the people.  He should also be a uniting force, leading by example.

This being said, he should not participate in the writing and drafting of legislation.  You can ask the Congress for a general idea, but leave it to them.  If you have concerns once it is done, send it back to them once it is you have written them down.

As for my philosphy of the use of executive orders, there is no mention of them anywhere in the Constitution, and as such, cannot be done.  I can understand maybe an executive order for a holiday, or day of rememberence, but not where he is able to essentially make laws. There are three co-equal branches of government for a reason.  No one is supposed to have more power than another, and if they stay within the bounds the Constitution sets before them, then they will stay co-equal, and the check and balances will remain in effect as our Founders indended.

Finally, the relationship of the Federal Government and the States should be a give and take.  That is one reason why I would like to see the 17th amendment repealed.  It would give the States back a lot of say in how things are done in the government.  This gets us back to the Republic as intended.  There was a reason one branch of the Legislature is for the people to elect, the other for the States.

The Federal Government also should not be suing States for laws passed that are not against the Constitution.  The Federal Government needs to go back to the limiting powers outlined in the Constitution.  There are clear definitions for what each branch is supposed to do.  The 10th amendment reserves the rest of the power to the States and the people.


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