Douglas Story of Virginia asked me what my position on restoring America to it’s Biblical beginnings, since our Founders were of Judeo-Christian faiths.  Specifically in reference to Roe v. Wade, and allowing for the teaching of Creationism in public schools.

For me this is a very relevant question, because this day and age, especially in the last couple decades, conservative Christians have been under a near assault on a daily basis from persons of a progressive thought when it comes to the way we believe as Christians.

To address the first part, I do want to see America return to its values.  I do not care what, if any God a person subscribes to.  There is nothing harmful in the words “Under God” or “In God We Trust.”  The majority of the population is religious to a degree, and as such we all mostly believe in God.  I see no offense in the words being there.

As for the infringements on freedom of religious expression, such as cross memorials, and the Ten Commandments being displayed, I feel that as long as any faith has equal opportunity to post or place their tenants of spirituality, so long as it is in good taste and of a non-offensive nature, it is their right to also do so.  I do not believe that the government should be making these sorts of things come down.  If anything they should encourage the types of morals many of the faiths have as their tenants.  this is not a subscription to a State sponsored religion, but allows for the free expression of all.

As for the question dealing with Roe v. Wade, I would love to see that as a State decision.  This is not something that the federal government should have stuck their nose into.  I am also against any government monies being used for abortions.  I would fight to try and save the lives of innocent children, because I do not believe that God would want that sort of thing in a nation He blessed.  I find it quite funny that people will claim that a microbe found on a rock from space is signs of life, but in the same breath say that what grows in the womb is not life.  There are programs for adoption that people could use if they are unable to provide for the child, and there are also ways a person who engages in sexual activity can prevent a pregnancy (condoms, IUD, etc.).  This should be an issue of personal responsibility.

I do believe under certain circumstances abortions should be ok in the law, and in God’s eyes.  Things like the mother stands a high degree of dyings, rape, and incest are among the examples I feel are ok to an extent.  But there is no guarantee in the Constitution that says anything of abortions.  Tenth amendment, reserved for the state.

And for the last point brought up, Creationism can be taught as an option in my mind.  There are many students who come from religious backgrounds being taught that the big bang was the only way, etc.  I think that it is acceptable that a teacher be able to teach theories brought up by students.  We should stop trying to drown out God from our public lives, and this includes school.  If a parent wishes their child not to hear it, they can home school their child, which is their choice.

Thank you for the questions Doug! God Bless, Your humble servant, Craig Bowden


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