Sign This Letter: Patriot Call to Action

Member of the House, Senate, Honorable Justices, Mr. President, and Mr. Vice President.  We wish to present this petition of signatures to this Government as a redress for our grievances.

This country is being governed on a path that We the People of these United States do not wish to be on.  This government has forgotten its place within the Constitutional bounds.  We are imploring you to consider our words, as we are men and women concerned about this country dearly.  We pray that you heed our words, and make the changes necessary to have the United States of America remain the shining city upon the hill.

Some of you reading these words may not have this applied to you, and we recognize your efforts to keep America strong, but we must uphold our duty as free citizens and bring to light our concerns. We the people recognize that this government is no longer acting on behalf of the American people.  We have seen through your actions that you ultimately do not care truly about the people you were elected to serve.  This is evident in the massive unchecked spending, not passing a budget and unconstitutional legislation you have brought upon us.

Among the actions stated above include, but are not limited to:

The Affordable Health Care Act.  This law requires the American people to buy a product against their will.  It is up to us to decide what we will do in regards to our health.  We have access to health information, and as a free people we will make our decisions based on our own conscience.  We should not be punished for deciding it is in our best interest to not buy insurance, if we so choose.  If this is not declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, we ask that this be repealed.

The National Defense Authorization Act, as it pertains to the indefinite detainment of persons deemed to be related to terrorists, with no clear definitions of the word, and no sure limitations to that of an American Citizen; and with this, to allow for the military to become law enforcers within these borders, which is in clear violation of the Constitution.

This goes against our due process, if in fact it is ever used on a US Citizen.  The fourth amendment, in combination of the fifth, guarantee us the rights to a trial by jury and guarding against unreasonable searches or seizures.  furthermore, the 8th amendment guards us against cruel and unusual punishment.  We ask that the detainment clause be repealed.

As a Congress you have overstepped your bounds of spending the tax revenue We the People worked hard to earn, before it was taken from our pay.  Among these are many earmarks that do not benefit this country as a whole.  Things such as cowboy poetry, liberal arts, cow burp studies, earth worm methane studies, and many more examples are not where we want our money to go.

We want our money to be spent improving our roads, stopping illegal immigration, aiding in national defense, and improving infrastructure.  We also do not want untold billions of dollars to go to foreign governments that speak out against our way of life.

We are asking the Congress for a balanced budget.  As homeowners and families, we understand that a sound budget is necessary in order to keep our homes, our vehicles, our very way of life. Successful businesses practice budgeting and accounting.  As such, we expect our government to do the same.

We are not happy with members of the bench legislating what will be done in this country.  It is not the job of the Supreme Court to make laws.  The job of the Supreme Court is to ensure that laws made in this country are Consitutional.  We do not believe that words nonexistent in the Constitution should be squeezed out of thin air.  The Warren Court was the largest offender of this, and the Court today still has not challenged what has been set forth as bench legislation.

We are also wondering in the wake of the President acting outside his authority given in the Constitution, is there no outcry for his impeachment?

Specifically to the President:

We have not seen anything worthy in you of being called Mr. President. We have seen you lie to the American people, make changes in our way of life the majority of us do not want, and have watched you break the oath you swore when you officially took office in January of 2009. You promised to defend and uphold the Constitution and you have failed in that regard.

You have made unconstitutional appointments to positions in government through the appointing of over thirty Czars without any Congressional oversight to control every aspect of the country.

You continue to support the Environmental Protection Agency, an organazation bent on making sure that we as Americans will be put back into the dark ages. We are all concerned about protecting the environment Mr. President, but when the technology does not exist to make this  clean energy you preach about, a company should not be fined for not using those technologies.

These actions should be condemned by your office, as well as all who hold office in this nation, but we know you support them, as is clear in your actions. The fact of the matter is, we currently need fossil fuels because that is the most reliable and efficient way to live in this day and age.

In spite of your reservations, as you so put your words, you still signed the National Defense Authorization Act. You have the authority to veto any bill and send it back to Congress with your concerns. It would have been an easy fix, but the fact you signed it, tells us you support it.

You campaigned for and sent a massive bailout to help with banks, auto manufacturers, and supposedly the American people. You spent our money on this, and it is something many of us  do not support. The way America works is that when a business has faulty policies, the business fails. What did we get for all the massive bailouts? Higher unemployment, more national debt, and a continuing downward spiral of the American dollar.  This is unacceptable.

You have associated with anti-American people radicals throughout your life. We don’t want to get into the whole list of this, but the fact of the matter is, you have associated, and continue to associate with people that promote hate speech, anti-American policies, and in some cases even terrorism.  We also recognize that you place extremists from socialist backgrounds into positions of power, that is unchecked or regulated by anyone in the government except yourself.

You decided that we should continue to support Egypt, even though they are now ran by a radical Islamist group of the Muslim Brotherhood. You should be using that money for a greater purpose to support and defend democracy around the world. Not Sharia Law.

In spite of warnings from your top military advisors, you have still continued with timelines and withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq.  We are concerned that the blood of many patriots will have been spilt for nothing due to your utter disregard for our armed forces.  We should be holding our heads high in victory, not determined by time tables, nor dictated by another country.

Your administration has stated people like us as the most likely to become terrorists. Even though the only thing we ask is that the government be held to the standards set in the Constitution, and that we are free to have our lives and seek our right to our pursuits of happiness.  We believe in the Constitution.  That does not make us extremists; it makes us Americans.

You have spent tax payer money taking lavish vacations, while instructing the American people that we need to change our way of life and that we cannot afford to live in luxury. This includes sending your daughter to Mexico for Spring Break, with 25 Secret Service agents. Their salaries are paid with my tax dollars. This was irresponsible as a parent at best. At worst it shows flagrant disregard for the American people. A thirteen year old girl does not need to spend Spring Break in Mexico. Every parent knows this.

You have authorized records be kept on persons with no terror ties by counter terror units. Monitoring of Americans without a warrant, or due process violates the fourth amendment against unreasonable search and seizure.

You signed an executive order essentially giving you control over American resources without any disaster or emergency present. To be fair, other presidents have done the same, but in conjunction with many other actions you have taken, it has left the American people questioning your intentions.

You support the killing of American citizens abroad without them having their due process rights given them. Even if a person is in the wrong place, at the wrong time, that does not mean they do not get to receive a fair trial and their due process to be tried before a jury of their peers.

You have appointed Mr. Panetta as the Secretary of Defense, and without any contradictory statement from you, he stated that you did not need Congressional approval to take military action, only that you would seek approval from the world community. When we checked, Congress had to authorize military force.

You signed the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 which seeks to further limit our first amendment rights to free speech.

We are ultimately asking you to do the morally right thing and step down from the office of President.  If you do not, we will begin to call for your impeachment.  We want to give you the chance to have honor, if you hold any, and resign.  If you truly believe in doing the right thing for this country, you should have the fortitude to admit your wrong doings and leave the office to someone more capable of leading this country.

We as Americans can tolerate these sorts of actions no longer.  We are demanding as a free people that we get to remain free.  Free from the debt the Government is creating for us, our children and our grandchildren.  Freedom from the fear of using our rights of free speech.

This is our country, our way of life, and we pay for you to be where you are.  Do not forget that you are all servants to the people of this country, and must be held accountable for misdeeds. We will be taking our country back, and if you wish to have continued employment with the American people, you must act like it, and uphold your oaths of office, or we will have you removed from your positions using our powers as a people to vote and speak out against you.

May God Bless America, and we pray that all who hear these words will take appropriate actions and either leave their offices to be taken by more effective patriots or make a stand for what is right according to the Constitution of These United States.

Authored and Signed by Craig Bowden, of Eden, Utah.  All other signatures included


**Note, it should be corrected that upon fact checking, it was not 30 czars appointed, but 24 since previous administrations.  However all the czar posititons can and should be under currently established departments/agencies and they are not. It should also be noted that I have spoken out against czar appointments since the beginning of the sudden increase.**


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