Good evening America.  Today is Sunday, and I wanted to give a little about God this day.  A large majority of us seem to be forgetting about His wonderful gift He has given us.  The Constitution was a divinly inspired gift guaranteeing liberty to the people of this nation.

He saw the horrible situation we faced, and because we knelt and prayed for His help with sincere hearts, and because He knew our troubles, He helped guide us to the promise of Freedom.

This Freedom was not given by a King.  No ruler gave us our rights.  God made us all equal, and because we recognized this He blessed our cause.

We need to bring him back into our homes.  It is time to invite His spirit back to our tables, and listen to what the Still Small Voice is trying to tell us.

No man is perfect, but with God’s divine guidance we as a people can accomplish things we can only dream of.  We need Him more than ever in these trying times.  The attacks on religion from our own government, that was allowed to be created through His guidance and support, need to stop.  We need to again put on the armor of God and begin fighting with Him on our side.

We must cast aside our importance we put on luxury items and instead focus our attention to charity, and making our Nation, once again, under God.  This needs to be one of our main focuses in this election.  We need to ask our candidates who has the courage to invite God back into the government.  Who is willing to stop the laws infringing on our rights as a free people to exercise our rights to worship?

I hope that you all will join me in this.  We need to pray, encourage others into prayer, and get God back into every aspect of our lives.  If we can do this, he will listen.

God Bless you all, and I hope your weekend was well.


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