I have heard many people speaking of what to do to change the way things are being done in this country.  I have seen so many posts calling for us to literally fight the government.  And I have even been asked by people to join them in their groups to start sending a message to the government in the physical sense.

I don’t think that some of these people really have any idea just how dangerous that sort of idea is.  I understand the frustration with the government.  I understand that it is a hard political fight for us who wish to have the government out of our lives.  I do.  I get it.

One of the main things that I have also noticed with this, is that the people that typically are calling for these sorts of actions, also do not have a plan in place for what is to happen after if we were to win the literal fight, assuming this happened.  Well my friends, we would need a plan in order to take a literal fight to the government.

This is why I am trying the peaceful approach.  A revolution without bloodshed.  Believe me, there is no glory in war.  I try to come up with actions to follow, that we can all do in our lives to hopefully affect some change in the way things are done.  I don’t know if they will work.

So the people calling for a literal bloody revolution do have a point.  What do we do if we lose the battle in the political arena?  What if the rumors, and whispers of the government taking over our lives are really true?  This seems to be something that many people do not want to touch, because of the implications it has.

Germans of Jewish heritage faced this in WWII, and some left.  However, the majority of them figured that it would all pass, and that Hitler was just full of rhetoric that most Germans would not subscribe to.  They ignored what was happening, and look where it got them.

It is natural for us to try to avoid conflicts that have not yet come to pass, but we need to really start looking at the possibility that we are not going to win this fight in the political spectrum, but through patriot and tyrant blood.

I do not wish this to be the case, but we need to start having a plan just in case.  It is always better to be prepared and not need it, than need it and not have it.

So the question I ask before you today is, are you ready to help plan for a new America?  One that we as a free people are able to govern once again.  Are you ready physically to take up arms?  Are you ready to join with others in the event this happens? Do you even own a firearm?  What kinds of skills do you bring to the table?  These are the sorts of things that we need to start thinking about, in the chance that we do not win.

There are socialists really pushing us to the brink of catastrophe in this nation.  Start discussing this possibility and join in having your voice hear.  Let’s at least have a good plan in case we are left to implement a new government.  I know what I would do, which I will post a little later for thoughts, but what do you want to contribute?

Numquam Cede, Libertatem aut Mors.

God Bless


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