Another late night. Another anxious attempt at sleeping.  Another movement in me to write before I can get some peaceful rest.

I just wanted to stop for a moment and talk about why we are all here using Conservative social networking.  It seems like there is no unity really in what we are doing here.  This group is for Ron Paul.  This group is for Romney.  This group thinks we can go without winning the Presidency.  Yet another forgets that we have to win more than just the Presidency.  Then there are the division among specific ideas.  I am getting so frustrated with people arguing over things that we really should not be arguing about.

Why are we bickering over our differences?  Why are we not instead uniting on our common ground as patriots true to the Constitution this country was founded on?  This is getting beyond absurd with one of the discussions I took part of today.  All the different people talking about how others who don’t see 100% eye to eye with their opinion they suddenly become Obama supporters, and OWS plants.

This fighting amongt each other is going to kill us!  It is going to destroy our cause before we ever get to November.  This is exactly what the Obama administration and the socialists in out government want.  Dammit, I have had enough of the immaturaty from people, in many cases much older than I.

So let’s yet again go over the uniting principles:

(1) We hate the government getting into our business and want them out of our lives. (2) We want to start moving back towards Constitutional conservatism. (3) We want to maintain our rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights (4) We want to have people represent us that actually represent, instead of worrying about their next campaign.

So let’s all push aside the BS and unite.  We need to support the GOP candidate this go around, even if it is Romney.  He is not my first choice either, but he’s better than Obama.  He may not bring the massive changes we want right off the bat, but its a step in the right direction.

We need to start supporting conservative candidates across the board.  Financially, and educationally to the public.

We need to start doing, and stop whining!  I am a Marine, and we don’t sit around talking about what we are going to do, we get up and take the hill.  That is why my creed has become Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors (Never surrender, Liberty or Death).  That is what I stand by.  All who claim the title of patriot should have a similar ideal.

We should all be willing to lay down our very lives for this nation, but we can’t even seem to get united on simple causes.  Case in point, I took an action, a letter that I wanted to send to the government.  I have had literally hundreds of people complain about what they couldn’t do instead of coming up with what they would do.

I do not have all the answers but God as my witness I am doing something.  I am trying.  I have heard excuses, or the “I don’t agree with this one paragraph so I can’t support this letter.”  Seriously people!  Get off your rear ends and get into action.

I have been gaining signatures every day since I wrote that letter, and by myself I have garnered the support of hundreds of people in Utah.  I am only one person and I was able to do that.  Imagine if every single person that complained to me got 100 signatures.  And each of them 100.  We would be a voice of millions!

But no.  We the people have become lazy, and unmotivated.  We the people have become accustomed to our coffee shops at the ready and fast food prepared immediately.  We the people love when its a quick fix and won’t put forth the real effort to actually do something.

I post here every day almost with ideas, with actions, with causes, with petitions, with news, with information, and I also hit the streets meeting with people.  What is your excuse?  All you bickering masses, and complainers?

Yes I may sound harsh today, but I speak the truth, and when a Marine speaks the truth it is blunt.  I am rough and tumble, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.  It is time to wake up or we are going to put that man right back into office!  Get off your butts.

Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

And God Bless America, if there is an America left if we fail.


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