You know, I was dealing with something today I’d really like to talk about. I am a veteran, and have some issues from my service.  No need to go into them, but I really want to tell you about state sponsored health care.

So today at the VA I had to wait severals hours just to take care of a minor issue.  Hours! Not a 15 minute wait like you will find in most doctor offices, literally took two hours to get things taken care of.

And the claim I submitted a couple years ago is still estimated to take another month or more before I can get help for the issue I have related to my military service.  This is something service-connected, and it has taken since January of 2010.

This is the system the liberal left wants the whole country on.  Sure I don’t have to pay for things that happened to me in the service, but it takes forever to get something simple done.  Can you imagine if I was waiting that long for something more severe?

And it takes this long to try to get an issue taken care of?  Almost a year and half?

Makes a lot of sense right?  Put the whole country on a system like this.  I am glad that I am able to get some help with things that happened, but just imagine the whole country put into this sort of system.  It’s good, but takes too long because of red tape.

I hope that the Supreme Court overturns this so the fight doesn’t exist to repeal the legislation.

God help us.


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