I wanted to take some time and share an analogy with you that I have thought of, that I don’t think anyone else has, when it comes to the path the United States is on.

America is an airplane, and its people the passengers.  We took off on our first flight after we won our freedom from British Airlines.  We are flying to our destination of Freedomville, and on the way we notice our fuel gauge is going low.

Now in the past, when this happened, we would land the plane for a while, make needed repairs on our own, refuel the plane, and take back off on our flight to Freedomville.  We have hit turbulence along the way, but managed to keep ourselves in the air on our own.

New management has come into the America Airlines, and they decided that we needed to just keep the plane in the air when that fuel gauge starts going low.  So they started asking China Airways to fuel us in the air.

The problem is that the management of America Airlines are pushing the plane to its limits, without landing to make repairs, so a gas leak has occured on the plane.  This is ignored since China has their fuel tankers running around the clock to keep the American plane in the air.

The passengers are becoming concerned, because they know that we should not be taking in so much gas from this other country.  A new policy comes out asking that all of the passengers give up their credit card information to pay the Chinese airline to keep America in flight.

It is to the point where almost no one on the plane has any money left, and people realize that if the plane does not land, and the people allowed to fix the plane, she is going to nose dive to the earth once the money runs out.

The American plane does have enough fuel to break the ties now, and land.  It will take some time to make the repairs necessary and get the fuel back into the plane, but the Administration of America Airlines refuses to listen.   Instead they are moving first class passengers into the coach area, and moving the less fortunate into first class so that all experience the flight equally.

We are to the point where we need to rush the cockpit and force the plane down, or we risk crashing and losing the way to Freedomville.

Numquam Cede. Libertatem aut mors


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