We have nearly reached a point of no return in our country.  By a point of return, I am talking about where we will have to choice but to physically fight to defend our freedoms guaranteed us by our Creator.  This is no longer a joking matter, and it is time we start acting as Americans.

We need to be very clear, united, and have a plan in motion to defeat the liberal socialist ideals that are corrupting the very fabric of our country.  I am going to ask you all to spread this message of what we need to unite under, if we don’t we are going to fail.

I am watching so many Americans arguing over the little differences instead of uniting under the banner of liberty.  You can see it with the diversity of the groups.  I am not saying that I have all the answers, but my God this has got to stop before we lose sight of what we are really trying to do.

Let us first focus on this as part of our banner, We the people of these United States have been granted unalienable rights endowed by our Creator, and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We must not forget these words. I know they are not exactly what the Declaration says, but we cannot forget that we have to fight for this.

Next let’s focus on some basic things that all people can agree on.

(1) The right to free speech.  This includes the removal of the political correctness. We have the right to call things as we see them.  We also will not be limited to where we can state our piece of mind.  We will not stand for threats of being thrown in jail for what we believe in.

(2) The freedom of religion.  We will not stand by and allow other people to dictate what we will say when pledging allegiene to our flag, we will not stand by and allow for the ten commandments to be taken down from our public places.  There is no mention of a separation of Church and State in our documents.  The Founders even regularly talked about God, and their religious beliefs.  We demand that we have the same rights we fought for.  And we will worship as we see fit.

(3) Freedom of the press does not include pushing a political agenda.  Sure they have the right to state their mind just like any other citizen, but they do not have the right to alter the news to fit a certain ideal.  This is not a marketing campaign.

(4) We as a people have the right to keep and bear arms.  This means that we have the right to buy a firearm, have the firearm in our homes, and carry them with us for our protection.  If you don’t like guns, do not buy them, but keep away from what we decide to do in our lives.  Persons who commit crimes with firearms will commit them even if guns did not exist.  And once someone crosses the line and becomes a criminal they should be punished, but not the rest of us.

(5)We want Congress to budget just as every family must do in order to maintain their well being.  We demand that they be held to the same standard every family adheres themselves to.  With this, Congress needs to stop increasing the amount they take from us and they need to cease spending our money on things that only benefit a select few.

(6) We must only put persons of moral standing into offices to represent us.  The minute that person loses sight of their values, they must be removed.

(7) Because of the corruption caused by life long politicians, we should be asking for an amendment for term limits in Congress.  That way new ideas are constantly being brought to the table.  This is not to be a job, but a service.

(8) We should be demanding that any law passed by Congress on the behalf of the American people should not have special outs for the Congressmen who pass the bill.  If its not good enough for them, its not good enough for our country.

So here are some good basics to unite over.  Cast aside all the differences now, or we will pay dearly later.  We are at a pinnacle in our country’s history, and we will be the ones who determine the course she will take.  Let not one man, woman, or child who considers themselves to be a free citizen of these United States sit on the fence and just let things happen.

It is time that we reach out to each other and unite on our common ground, not further ourselves because of the little things.

Numquam Cede. Libertatem aut mors

God Bless


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