This post, I am going to put on my minister pants (and yes I am an ordained minister), because it is time that we address one of the most fundamental necessities we have forgotten in this country: God.

Some of the biggest problems I see in today’s society is a lack of God, but a claim of being religious.  I cannot tell you how many people I see on Sundays walking to church, only to see them on the weekdays contradicting the very basic of Christian tennants.

The moral fiber of this country has been nearly shred by what we have allowed into our lives.  The Devil is let in daily.  Wde are bombarded by news media, television “entertainment,” music, our class rooms, advertisements, and even our leaders.  I am so sad at what I see every day, evident in the break down of the family, the poor continuing to suffer, no one showing God’s love to their neighbor.

We are a Christian nation, or at least that is how we started out.  There was a time that when a neighbor fell ill the community came together and helped provide meals and chores for the afflicted.  People took care of each other, because as a Christian that is what you are supposed to do.

There was a time when people had a moral backbone and stood up for what is right.  They would speak out when someone was doing something that is vile in the eyes of God.  Granted there have always been sinners, and none of us are perfect, but if any of the Founders saw what is on Television today, they’d throw up.

There once was a time when the leaders of this country would turn to God for help in dark days.  When it was ok to pray publicly on behalf of the American people, without tip toeing around words to make sure that you don’t offend someone.

There was a time when women had respect for their bodies, and did not go around showing off every asset they have, because someone popular or famous has/designed those clothes.  Women at one point were defended fervently, and it was considered an honor to take her to bed on your wedding night knowing she saved herself for you.  Now it is acceptable to practice first.  And this attitude is even supported by the government with their tax payer funded Planned Parenthood (why it’s called that I’ll never know, with how they try and convince you it’s ok to murder your baby, that’s not planning a family).

There was a time when you would turn on the TV and see some light entertainment, with some wholesome words.  Or perhaps an address to the nation from our top politicians.  Now you see T&A.  You hear people calling each other the most vile of names, and showing off things that should be kept to ones self.  It is popular and ok to be a 16 year old mother, and heck, you even get to go on TV and showcase your horrible behavior to inspire other 15 minute of famers to get pregnant.

There was a time when people cared for their homes, their yards, their cars, everything they owned.  You learned how to keep care of your things, and you were proud of them.  Now I see yards littered with beer cans, and cigarette butts.  I see pornographic filth strewn across the driveway from a windstorm that knocked over the garbage can, some of the pages floating to the nearby school.

At one point there was a time when our children went to school for a real education.  They were encouraged to learn about history, and yes, even God.  They have removed God our Father from the school in this day and age, and the only way the world could be is through that of evolution, or some big band, and while those may be some valid scientific theories, who is the master behind it all?

I am tired of seeing girls exposing themselves on facebook.  It is not hot, it is immoral and you bring yourself down to becoming a harlot.  I am tired of these young thugs who think they are so cool walking around with drugs and guns, protecting their “turf.”  You want to experience something punks?  Go to war.  Actually protect something worthwhile.  Learn about how you can defend this country and our way of life.  You are all sinners in God’s eyes.

I am tired of liars in elected office, and tired of people making excuses for them.  I am tired of the lazy half witted American that refuses to stand by God and the flag because it’s not the popular thing to do right now according to the latest TMZ poll.

It is time we all started taking a look into our souls and start repenting for what is happening.  The Devil is at work, in disguise of pleasurable things.  The easy way is not always the best way.  I pray for the souls in this country.  I pray that hearts may be softened.

We will fall if we do not turn our hearts to God and start putting ourselves back on track with the potential of what we as people are.  Grow those backbones again.  Pull out that Bible and read.  Share the Gospel of the Lord with you family and friends.  Become diligent in our daily lives to show love to our fellow man.

I beg of you America.  For the sake of our Children, our Souls, and our country.  Please take back your moral fiber before it is too late and this country is dammed.

God Bless.


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