This is a reply to a letter sent to the Standard Examiner out of Ogden, Utah  I wrote because I was getting sick of these no-good librals and their ignorant protests on the war in Iraq.  This was written many years ago, but I decided to include it with my writing here.

To the author of the letter “Removing one man shouldn’t require war” I say sometimes war is required, even for that purpose.

Also when you say that you want the troops home, I agree, but let them finish their job. If they don’t, what do you think will happen to the people of Iraq? That evil man Saddam and his regime will stay in power. You should have already heard of the tortures and hardships that those people go through.

Keep in mind also, that this is not a war against the Iraqi people; it’s a war for their people. They are fighting a war the citizens of Iraq cannot. U.S. Soldiers and Marines have been given the order to keep civilian casualties down and to avoid messing with any religious sites, whether soldiers are there or not.

If you want to protest for peace, start by protesting Saddam. He is worse than any other person currently involved in this war. Why do you protest for human rights and peace AGAINST President Bush? You really need to pay attention to what you are saying. By protesting Bush and his “dictates” you support Saddam, who actually is an evil dictator. That is why people tell you to stop.

I won’t say stop, it’s your right, but it offends me that you would be unsupportive of our president, our troops, and the Iraqi people. I would be upset if I was a Marine or Soldier down fighting for not only the freedom of Iraqis but yours as well and all you can do is protest what I was doing.

I want the soldiers home just as bad as the next guy, but like I said, get the job done, then get out.


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