I am dismayed at the President’s latest attempts to take credit for something in order to try and boost his low polling numbers.  What ever happened to a President like George Washington that would not back down from his words?  What ever happened to integrity?

It was less than a week ago, this President was citing his opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline.  He was telling us that it would do us no good when it came to gas prices, among many other excuses.  He was comparing the use of oil to people saying cars are just a fad, and that the telegraph could never be replaced by the telephone in reference to alternative energy.

He has, from day one, been against the pipeline being built, and even lobbied Congress to stop any passage of pipeline legislation.

Today he appears in Oklahoma to promote the portion of the pipe from Oklahoma to Texas, as if he is the one that pushed this through.   This pipeline would have happened with or without him.  The only kinds of pipelines he can outright reject are international pipelines.  So he really had no say in the matter.

But in order to boost his numbers among Americans, he shows up and takes credit for this movement forward, and states that his Administration will cut through red tape (most of which is put up by his Administration and the God-awful EPA).  This is beyond absurd. Does this man not have the balls to admit that he was incorrect?  Why  can’t he say in front of voters that he is opposed to the pipeline?

It is because this man will say and do anything to make sure that he gets elected again.  It is because he thinks that we as Americans are stupid and ignorant.  It is because he is a liar, a pathelogical lying narcissist.  He is so high and mighty that we won’t see the flip or the flop that happened within 48 hours.

Disgusting as a man.  When you make a statement you are supposed to say what you mean and mean what you say.  You don’t back peddle.  You don’t lie.  You don’t sit there and pretend like you are the cure to the disease while poisoning the patient.

If we could even just get someone that was more concerned with being an honest person this country would be better off.


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