I must apologize to everyone for my delays in getting back on this site.  I recently moved and had to get all my affairs in order before I could begin to post my material again.  I hope that you all can forgive my short absence.

With the new move, I am able to turn a new page in my life, and I feel this is a great time to talk about the changes we all need to make to get to the new chapters of what American history will be.

We have all sat, as I did, for many years, feeling the growning pains of observing our country slip away from its founding principles, and have become seething in the torment our sacred documents have received from our nation’s leaders.

We have watched the media outlets of the main stream become the propaganda lap dogs of this administration, we have stood by while legislation was passed that was unconstitutional.  We have been allowing God to be removed from our daily lives, and it is time that we as a people put a stop to this.

I have been writing here for a few months now, and have gained a wonderful appreciation for the kinds of dedicated patriots I have had the opportunity to meet and discuss with.  I have watched a simple letter I wrote grow every day, to the point where we may have thousands in my estimation supporting, to send a message to the government that we will no longer let our nation be ruled by tyrants.

But our work is far from over.  Our work is just beginning.  We are still in the infancy of a new revolution to take our America back, and get back to our founding principles.  We must not slack one moment.  Because if we do, we let the progressives win.  We have been quiet for far too long, and we cannot let it continue.

I want all of you to review some of my previous posts, and start spreading the word as I tell you of things you can do for our country.  Everything I ask is doable, and everything I ask is something we can all mostly agree on.  Just make sure that you are spreading the message to everyone.

You will be attacked, you will be belittled, you may be called names, you may lose friends, but in the end, if we do not stand for something we will fall for anything.  Taking a stand for your beliefs may not always be popular by the Hollywood elite standard, or your buddies may not think you are cool enough to hang with them because you decide that you are standing by your values.  This is ok.  You will survive, and this country will be great again.

It is a long road.  But everything truly worth fighting for takes time.  If things were easy it would not be called life.  My words are meant to encourage you to do what you know is right.  I will not always have the best answer, because I am human, and as such am flawed.  But I will always speak to you the truth, and I will not falter in my values.  I share them, and I hope you will spread what you hear so that we may have a peaceful revolution and change the way Washington thinks.

God Bless all y ou patriots, and know that he stands with you when you make the stand for morality and values.  God Bless these United States.

Numquam Cede. Libertatem aut mors


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