Anyone who has been listening to me for a while knows that I talk a lot about being prepared.  Especially with this down turn economy, and certain law passages we are trying to fight, we need to be prepared for what may come.  I have talked about food storage, gathering supplies, studying new skills, scriptural studies, and even given amounts of things based upon a family size.

Today I want to talk to you about the preparedness of our bodies.  With what is in the air of a possible crisis in the United States, we need to make sure that we are in shape for taking care of what needs to be done.

You can start one step at a time, if you have been a couch potato for a while you need to start walking.  But you must start now.  There appears to be manufactured crisis in the works, especially in regard to the “occupy” movement.  This could be Mr. Obama’s opportunity to declare martial law, and we will be left with only one option to ensure our freedom.  We all know what it is, we don’t want to do it, but God as our witness we will to preserve liberty.

There is a great website I use for tracking my fitness.  It is  They have exercises and schedules, trackers, demonstrations, the works for what you wish to accomplish based on your goals, abilities, etc.  Last I checked the membership there was free.

So if you don’t know where to go for help in regard to getting yourself in shape this is a good resource. They also have diet guidelines and recipes to help you reach your goals.  I also recommend that we all start moving away from the dependence of Walmart and big chain stores.  They are made to keep us fat and happy, not fit and ready.

There is a big change coming very soon, and we need to be ready for whatever it is.

Numquam Cede. Libertatem aut mors God Bless


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