I have been fighting the liberal, socialist left for quite some time.  I have written countless letters to the editor, blogs, essays, notes, papers, you name it.  I have petitioned Congress in both the House and the Senate.  I have sent emails, and letters to representatives trying to get them to see that things are not as our Founding Fathers saw them.

I will never give up on this as long as there is breath in my lungs, and a beat in my heart.  It is my duty as an American Citizen, formerly serving Marine, that I defend the Constitution of the United States, and that I pledge allegience to the flag of this nation.

It is time that we start crossing our divides as a society and join as one voice, in spite of any differences.I don’t care if you are black, white, poor, rich, conservative, or left leaning.  Our rights to sovereignty are being threatened by our elected officials.  Our sacred rights.  Our rights that thousands of American men and women have died defending since we first fought in the Revolutionary War.

This President seeks to have a class war, and pit us against one another.  We seeks to divide a country that should be standing and saying we are united in the ideals of life, liberty. and the pursuit of happiness.  Our Congress passes laws that seek to take away our money, our land, our freedom, and ultimately crushes our dreams of what we might accomplish in our lives.

Our government is fine with creating a welfare class of people dependant on them for suppport.  They are ok with people not fighting tooth and nail to get what they want.  This government wants to just hand away the money hard working Americans sweat every day for.  They squander our money as if it is nothing to them.

These people talk about doing our fair share.  I have been giving my fair share in taxes since I was eleven years old!  I have worked more than half of my life.  I have paid taxes my entire life.  My family has paid taxes their whole lives, so do not say that I am not giving my fair share.

And the rich in this country pay for the majority of the taxes as it is.  They have taken from them millions of dollars a year.  How much did you pay this year when you got your taxes filed?  It would be a lot less.

I do not claim to know everything, but I do know that we cannot continue this horrible spending curve, and laziness of our elected officials.  And those of you out there who are not willing to speak up, you are just as lazy as the men and women in Washington lining their pockets with our money.

If this Government thought that deficits were bad, they would ensure there was no deficit.  If they thought that reform was needed on entitlement programs, they would start reforming them.  All of them, with rarre exception, have been deceiving the American people time and time again.

How many times have you heard a politician lie?  I cannot count how many just in these last three years I have heard.  Under one Administration.  I have watched a man apologize for American arrogance, when he is one of the most arogant, narcissistic men I have ever seen.

We need to take our country back America.  It is time to start voting out these politicians who have promised so much, and delivered so little.  It is time that we start finding men and women of integreity and honor, and supporting their runs for office.

It is time to speak out.  It is time to call out the media for the left bias.  It is time to expose all liars and hypocrits in elected office.  It is time to petition our government for a redress of grievance.

Mark my words, if you all continue to do nothing and stand idly by, sipping your Starbuck lattes, you will no longer have a democratic nation full of freedom and promise.  You will become a slave to the state, and then you will cry for help, only to be silenced for speaking out.

Now is the time.  Now is when we must unite.

We must have the ideal of “give me liverty, or give me death.”

God Bless.


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